NEW!! NEW!! State of the Art Laser Tag System - only at Limitless!

Take to the battlefield in a range of exciting Laser Tag scenarios, team up to emerge victorious or go solo in one of our free for all style games.

So, what is Laser Tag?

If you want to try some real-life Call of Duty, Fortnite or Battlefield action then put the game controllers down and join us for an exciting, real-life combat battle. Using our new lightweight Laser Tag system charge into battle and test your skills in multiple game scenarios. Laser Tag is also great fun if you want to run around with family, friends or work colleagues taking part in some friendly competition


Why choose OUR Laser Tag System?

  • Our system is the next generation of Laser Tag with state of the art, wireless equipment Lightweight guns make it suitable for everyone, from ages 6+(approx.):
    • AK Rifle - weighs just 1kg
    • MP9 SMG - weighs less than 800g
    • Glock Pistol - weighs under 0.5kg?
  • Laser Tag Guns are all full size models to add to the realistic combat conditions
  • Guns are accurate over long ranges - 250m+
  • Lightweight, adjustable Headbands for more comfort fit both kids and adults alike
  • Responsive Headbands vibrate so you know when you've been hit
  • Many game scenarios with many more to come
  • No physical contact or unfair game play as everything is computer controlled

Laser Tag Battle Arenas

Issued with replica weapons and assigned a team; players are given a variety of missions to complete, using a combination of tactics, skill and teamwork to reach their goals.

During a laser tag session players can experience realistic combat conditions and interact with other players safely in our purpose built Laser Tag Battle Arena.

This experience is suitable for most ages as equipment is lightweight and easy to operate. Ideal for team building events, youth groups, school trips, birthday parties and family days out!

Laser Tag is suitable for adults aged 12 and over, great for stags, hens, birthdays, get together with friends, team building etc

Laser Tag is suitable for Ages 8-11 years old, perfect for birthdays, school trips, youth groups, fun days out etc

  • Wear older clothes & shoes, suitable for the weather (old trainers or wellies)
  • Gloves can be a good idea too
  • A change of clothes is recommended
  • Camera to capture all the action shots

  • Full team briefing & expert, ongoing instruction from our experienced staff
  • Tailored Laser Tag session to ensure maximum enjoyment
  • Fun, realistic, Laser Tag battle

Adults and Youths (Aged 8+) Pricing:

  • Groups of 4-10: £15pp
  • Groups of 11-30: £14.25pp

Juniors (Under 8) Pricing:

  • Groups of 4-10: £12.50pp
  • Groups of 6-10: £12pp

Multi-Activity Discounts:

We offer additonal discounts on top of Group Discounts if you have booked more than one activity. This is outlined below:

Multi-Activity Discount Rate: 

  • One Activity: 0% Off
  • Two Activities: 10% Discount
  • Three Activities: 20% Discount
  • Four+ Activities: 30% Discount. 


Please note, group discounts still apply to multi-activity discounts e.g. a group of 6-10 people with a two activity booking will get their 5% group discount on top of the 10% multi-activity discount, resulting in a total of 15% off their booking.