Team Up or Go Head To Head

Work with or compete against each other in a range of challenging activities, perfect for your next team day out!

All of our activities are score-able and make for an ideal fun, yet competitive team day. Why not go head to head or team up in some of our regular activities before challenging yourselves in a selection of team games.


Swap the balls from one container to the other one at a time, against the clock. Use one hand with the other hand behind their back.


Players must pick up the balls and feed them through a hole in the lid of the container against the clock. Using only one hand with the other hand behind their back.

What's Your Points? Back To The Point & Blind Point

Teams compete against each other to score the most points by throwing balls into tyre rings. Try out the ‘Back To The Point’ variation where players must throw the ball over their shoulder with their backs to the tyres or try it blindfolded with the help of team mates in ‘Blind Point’.


Horse Shoes

Teams or individuals can compete in the age old game of horseshoes. Aim your horseshoes at the centre pole. Can you throw a Ringer for maximum points?

Bottle Shy

Teams or individuals compete to try and knock off as many bottles as they can with 3 shots.

Build The Square & Shaped to T

Teams must work together to reconstruct the puzzles from the random shapes provided. The team to complete the puzzle first is the winner.

Elephant Skittles

Teams compete against each other to attempt to knock over the bottles using a tennis ball attached to a pair of tights that is worn over the head. First player or team to knock over all the bottles wins. Similar to the 'Elephant March from Minute to Win it'

Pipe Run

Teams must work together and move position to roll a golf from A to B using half pipes without it hitting the ground. First team across the line without cheating wins

  • Wear older clothes & shoes, suitable for the weather (old trainers or wellies)
  • Gloves can be a good idea too
  • A change of clothes is recommended
  • Camera to capture all the action shots
  • Full team briefing & expert, ongoing instruction from our experienced staff
  • Tailored Laser Tag session to ensure maximum enjoyment
  • Fun, realistic, Laser Tag battle

Adults and Youths (Aged 8+) Pricing:

  • Groups of 4-10: £7.50pp
  • Groups of 11-30: £7.25pp

Juniors (Under 8) Pricing:

  • Groups of 4-10: £7pp
  • Groups of 11-30: £6.75pp

Multi-Activity Discounts:

We offer additonal discounts on top of Group Discounts if you have booked more than one activity. This is outlined below:

Multi-Activity Discount Rate: 

  • One Activity: 0% Off
  • Two Activities: 10% Discount
  • Three Activities: 20% Discount
  • Four+ Activities: 30% Discount. 


Please note, group discounts still apply to multi-activity discounts e.g. a group of 6-10 people with a two activity booking will get their 5% group discount on top of the 10% multi-activity discount, resulting in a total of 15% off their booking.